EMMA India 2024 Wows Car Audio Afficianados

As the curtains close on the highly anticipated Inaugural EMMA India car audio competition, let us recollect the showdown that brought together car audio aficionados and audio engineers to celebrate the art of sound in vehicular form. 

Spread over two days, EMMA India 2024 was hosted at the Express Avenue Shopping Centre, in the heart of Chennai – which is undoubtedly the audiophile capital of India. The high-street shopping centre sees a footfall of over ten thousand daily, which was perfect for attracting spectators, who were treated to a plethora of car audio paraphernalia.

The inaugural edition of the 2024 EMMA India saw over 90 cars fight for top laurels across 10 categories

Presented by German Car Audio brand Audiotec Fischer, and co-sponsored by Cetus Automotives and Jain Car Decors, EMMA India 2024 showcased a diverse range of audio setups, from compact OEM setups to elaborate multi-channel installations, showcasing impressive creativity and engineering. Custom setups with impressive fabrication skills and intricate speaker arrangements were highlighted for delivering true delight to the discerning audiophiles.

The panel of judges faced a formidable task in evaluating the performances. The meticulous scoring process took into account not only the strictly technical and tonal aspects of the setups but also the creativity and uniqueness that went into each build. The tough decisions made by the judges underscored the high level of competition and the exceptional quality of the participating entries.

The event not only celebrated the technical prowess of audio installers, tuners and enthusiasts but also fostered a community bound by a shared love for car audio, music and innovation. As the engines of excitement gradually come to a halt, it’s time to reflect on the crescendo of talent and innovation that marked the climax of this audio extravaganza.

Being the first-ever EMMA event in India, there were share of hiccups as the organisers grappled with the unexpected number of entries, which were nearly twice of the anticipated number. There were some statistical challenges, with the computing of results and consequently many categories saw position changes in the week following the event. 

EMMA India regrets the inconvenience caused to all involved and sincerely apologise for the circumstances and we assure everyone involved that no effort will be spared in ensuring such errors are avoided going forward.

All the affected participants have been consulted and informed with all score sheets shared with them and we sincerely appreciate their understanding and support in this regard. 

We thank all competitors, sponsors, enthusiasts and partners that made the inaugural edition of EMMA India 2024 a grand success.

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