Global Car Audio Competition EMMA comes to India

  • EMMA is a global network currently present in over 40 countries worldwide.
  • Over the past two decades, EMMA has emerged as a gold standard for Car Audio Competitions.
  • The inaugural judge training event for the first edition of EMMA India scheduled on 7-9 October, 2023.
  • The inaugural EMMA India Competition is scheduled in December 2023.

Bangalore, 31st Aug, 2023 – EMMA India Corporation announces the inaugural edition of the EMMA India Car Audio Competition, scheduled to be held in December 2023.

Acronym for European Mobile Media AssociationEMMA has been the gold standard for car audio competitions globally for over two decades and is active in over 40 countries worldwide via its affiliate network.

India is the latest edition to this growing ecosystem and in turn aims to bring in a lot of excitement for the entire in-car entertainment industry in India. From audio brands to dealers, from car audio enthusiasts to installers, EMMA India aims to move the entire car audio industry in India forward in terms of technical prowess, overall awareness and commercial success.

EMMA Judge training, which is one of the most critical aspects of the EMMA competition, has been scheduled on 7-9 October in Bangalore. The curriculum will be headed by global EMMA judges who, over the course of three days, will take a deep dive into the EMMA rulebook and explain what it takes to build and tune an EMMA-winning audio setup.

As India joins the ranks of the vast global network of nations across the EMMA ecosystem, Alex Klett, CEO, EMMA Global, commented, “It’s a great step forward that an important market like India is getting connected to the Global EMMA Network.”

“The growing market is a very interesting playground for the Car Media Industry and EMMA India is now offering a standardised platform for High Quality Sound. As we work to establish EMMA in India, the growth of the enthusiasm in Sound Quality is guaranteed. We wish the team in India a great time and maximum success going forward”, added Alex.

The Indian edition of the EMMA is headed by the India CEO, Karthik Raj, a seasoned audio professional from Chennai who has been in the industry for over two decades. He commented, “It’s high time India has something like EMMA which helps to raise the bar of car audio and car tuning industry in India to international level.”

“It is a great way to bring people who share passion for car audio and car tuning together. It helps industry professionals to learn and elevate their skill sets”.“Competitions are fun. You get to see maniacs with their crazy builds and mean machines. I’ve been working on this for over five years and I’m sure it Is going to change the 12V industry in India for good”, added Karthik.

More information about the EMMA India competition, including expression of interest for the 2023 Judge Training is available here.